Cosmic, a Gnome based DE developed by system76 for Pop!_OS 21.04

AKA Gnome but with customization.


I’m not Gnome user but there are certain distros with Gnome that i do like the looks of. PopOS is one of them with some unique features.


My most used Gnome extensions are pop shell and dash to dock…
Seems like this would be perfect for me :slight_smile:

Hope it will be available on arch-based too in due time

My only concern is how well they will track upstream. If it stays fairly current and just makes nice changes they want I’d say its a pretty nice variation on the Gnome formula with solid UI ideas.

With asession file using gnomesession and extentions youcome far

If it was Debian based instead of Ubuntu I’d interested in trying pop. We’ll see what gets ported over to Fedora/Arch. I won’t do Ubuntu at all and even debian isn’t really be thing though.

I’ve personally been following and liking what Pop!_OS is doing lately. I think this is a step in the right direction, it addresses the main issues many people have with GNOME without ruining the experience people who like the stock GNOME workflow by making the changes optable.

Now, I believe these “fixes” to the stock GNOME workflow (adding a panel/dock, etc.) are basically undoing changes that GNOME has pushed for years, and that were criticised for the exact same reasons they are being addressed now. And I’m saying this as a happy GNOME user on my laptop.

Just a thought though, I love GNOME and the direction it’s going.