Copied EndeavourOS partition to a different hard drive, how do I get it working/booting?

Hey Folks,
I have had EndeavourOS installed to it’s own hard disk and it’s worked fine, no complaints.

At this point I need to consolidate things, so I wanted to run EndeavourOS on a disk that has another linux installation on it (dual boot).

The way I went about this, was to use imaging software to backup the EndeavourOS partition. Then I restored that image to a space I made for it on the other hard disk (the one with the other linux distro).

I added a grub entry for it on my other linux distro, but when I try and boot it, I get some type of error about a kernel panic etc.

I had made a small 10mb partition and set it as bios-grub, on the disk that EndeavourOS was installed on. I did backup that small partition, but didn’t restore it.
The disk I restored to also has a similar small bios-grub partition (for the other linux distro) and I thought maybe that it would work to also boot up Endeavouros, but apparently not.

Anyone know how I might go about getting EndeavourOS to boot on the other disk? Did I need to restore that small bios-grub partition also, or is it something else?

I know one operating system per disk is best, but I need to run this as dual boot if possible, to free up the other hard disk for other things.
Any advice is appreciated!

Do both disks have MBR partition tables on them? You can’t mix/match EFI and BIOS/MBR installs.

Can we see the grub entry you added?

Yeah they’re both mbr disks.
It’ll take me a bit to find the right file with the grub entry to copy/paste here.
I can say though, that the entry does correctly point to Endeavour, it tries to crank up, but like I said, eventually comes to a kernel panic.

I’m hoping I won’t need to chroot into Endeavour, but that may be what it takes to get it going, something probably just needs adjusting.
thanks for your reply

You shouldn’t need to copy the bios-grub partition onto the other disk.

Instead, you need to add a grub entry to the other linux, as you did. Maybe the entry is not fully correct? Can you show it? EndeavourOS needs also the microcode parameter on the initrd line.

Also, the UUIDs in the copied EndeavourOS file fstab is probably not correct anymore on the new disk, so they need to be updated. Check also the EOS UUIDs in grub.cfg on your other linux.

The kernel options could be the issue.