Cookie banner on the website explained

Today I received a complaint from an anonymous user who doesn’t understand why our website has a cookie consent banner and Arch-Linux doesn’t. According to this visitor, we don’t respect peoples privacy in comparison with Arch.

I want to prevent that this story will blow up and cause panic in the community, so I want to explain the situation.

EndeavourOS is registered in The Netherlands, according to Dutch law, every website must have a cookie consent banner, except when the website purely uses functional cookies.
If a website uses links to social media accounts and makes use of Youtube embedding, the website owner has to inform its users with a cookie consent banner and the fines are not small if you don’t have it.

We DON’T share your information with a third-party, nor are we going to bombard you with “personal” advertisements.

The cookie consent banner is there because the website and/or forum contains links to Youtube, social media accounts and download links for submitted wallpapers.

You can read our Privacy policy by clicking on the top menu.


hello ,he will always have pleunicheuses


Well, there will be always people to cry about everything… How classical!


GDPR and, that’s all there is to it.


Is it just the Dutch law or actually a EU regulation?

It is an EU regulation but Dutch regulations are (as always) more strict, a website owner also has to have antivirus running on their site.
But I believe France has the same strictness, Linux Mint also has a cookie banner, but Manjaro has not. (Neither did Antergos)

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Not sure about antivirus, but RGPD (GDPR in France) is applied by many sites.