Converting Gnome EOS to KDE 6, as if KDE was selected at the OS installation?

I am using Gnome (chose Gnome when installing EOS). I want to try KDE 6, but when I just installed KDE on top of my existing EOS, I think a lot of things were misconfigured/missing. I thought of installing EOS anew, but the current ISO was from 2004.01.25, which was before the release of KDE 6. So, that’s not good.

Can you give me some sort of one-line terminal command that sort of converts my existing Gnome EOS to KDE EOS, as if I had chosen KDE when installing EOS? I will use Timeshift to go back to Gnome, so it’s OK if the command messes up with Gnome.

You can have a look at the following post to see what you can do to have a fresh start with KDE Plasma. Of course you would need to adapt some steps to your actual install.

You can do an online install and you will get the latest of the latest of all the packages chosen in the installer.

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