Convert from Arch to EOS

hello everyone, I did a pure Arch install, and now I know it went well,
I would like to convert to EOS.
Is there also a conversion script or how-to for AMD64 systems?

Should be something like this:

  1. add EOS to pacman.conf
  2. get EOS-GPG keys somehow
  3. adding mirrors
  4. pacman -Sy
  5. install EOS specific packages

? is that right to proceed that way, or I am missing some things ?

You can add the EOS packages to an Arch install but you can’t truly convert unless you read through every line in the installer and match those changes too.

That being said, yes, generally speaking your steps are fine.

Make sure you add it above the Arch repos if you want it to be like other EOS installs.

You can download the endeavouros-keyring and endeavouros-mirrorlist packages from one of the mirrors.

You will have to decide if you want to convert to dracut or stay with mkinitcpio.


Just curious of the reason why you would want to switch from Arch to EndeavourOS?

thanks for adding those details,
I will try that way … I think I stay with mkinitcpio


You are right, there is quite no difference, I was thinking maybe
because of the community?

I switched to EndeavourOS a couple of weeks ago, shortly after I wanted to see if I could get the same EndeavourOS setup on Arch. So I switched to Arch(but my laptop still runs EndeavourOS), I stayed here for the friendly community and I know there are others here that run Arch or other distributions as well so you aren’t obliged to run EndeavourOS to be part of the community here

Just create an introduction post in the Hello section.

But if you need help though with something, then you probably won’t be able to ask because you aren’t running EndeavourOS. Not sure how strict they are here about that.

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He has been here for over 3 years and has 268 posts. :sweat_smile:

just switching my computers, been here before, but thanks for the friendly salut :slight_smile:

lol I didn’t even see that :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: :rofl:
Thanks for waking me up.

@ycom1 ignore my last reply, at least the part where I mentioned to create an introduction post.

roger that…, I am happy to meet friendly people like you in this forum! :slight_smile:

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Maybe easiest way is to install Eos from scratch :slight_smile:

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evaluating these lines, on second thought, maybe I just do a clean install :slight_smile:

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My advice, for what it’s worth, is: just stick to Arch. If you have your system configured as you like it, and everything is working fine, you really get no benefit from switching it from Arch to EndeavourOS.

The whole point of EndeavourOS is that it is a sanely configured Arch that’s easy for newbies to install – but it seems you’ve already got that, so why add extra work on top of it?


you are saying I am good to participate in this forum with my pure Arch install ?



There are many of use who use Arch, and some even use other distros, like Fedora, yet are regular members here. You’ve been a valuable member of the forum in the past, and that is not going to change regardless of what OS you use.

Frankly, I would be shocked if anyone complained that you’re not eligible to be here because you’re using Arch instead of EndeavourOS. And I would be the first to ridicule such a person.

Of course, if you ask for help with troubleshooting something, make sure to point out you’re not using the default EndeavourOS settings, so you don’t get wrong help. But it shouldn’t be a problem. Arch and EndeavourOS are pretty much the same OS, just EndeavourOS is configured in a certain way.

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Glad to hear that, so I just keep it and happy to join the forum further on ! thanks for this insight


You’re welcome regardless. :wink:

Way to call me out. . .

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