Constantly Crashing -- Unsure Why

Hey! I switched over to EndeavourOS a couple of months ago, however, recently (it had been happening before but much less frequently) my entire OS just completely crashes and reboots.

I run Hyprland WM and a set of additional utilities + dotfiles, Vesktop (Discord), Slack, Minecraft, and Vivaldi, but other than that, pretty much nothing else. I’ve also discovered whenever I run two Java applications (I play Minecraft, so I’ll use that as an example) – such as when I launch both a Minecraft server and game client, my entire OS automatically crashes as a result immediately. I thought it would be fixed over the coming days after discovery, but the issue persists.

This mainly occurs when I have an instance of any Java application open. Ex. Minecraft, Server Client, etc.

It had gotten to the point I had to swap back over to Windows temporarily, where the same issue didn’t happen.

I honestly have no idea what the cause is as these cases have been ramping up, but it’s certainly not hardware limitations since I ran much more without issue on Windows. I’m also unsure what logs to attach, so will just send over what is requested. I tried to look into it online, but couldn’t find anything on my particular issue.

My journalctl logs:

Hyprland is on latest from the AUR (hyprland, not hyprland-git)

My journalctl logs from a boot that crashed:

It crashes and then reboots automatically? For now try monitoring resource usage when these crashes happen. Try to identify any thing that appears out of the ordinary.

Minecraft isn’t exactly your average java application. I have a few java applications that I can test with though. In particular I have filebot, ghidra, ipscan, and jdownloader2 installed which are all java apps. I ran ghidra, ipscan, and jdownloader 2 at the same time without issue. Pay close attention to memory usage while running your minecraft server.

This is a whole lot of stuff maybe try this command instead journalctl -b -1 -e this should print only the logs that lead to the last boot.

I would look to hardware problems, specifically heat related issues. If Windows seems to run normally, it could be memory issues as well. Linux uses memory differently and might be exposing a memory issue that Windows just does not encounter.

This actually appears to be the case. My BIOS mentions overclock issues on boot – so I’ve swapped my XAMP profile.

Is there any other ways to better diagnose any specific issues that I can fix up with memory?

I would first try default settings in the bios and turn off overclocking. If that seems to solve the issue, you have your answer. After that, try different memory modules.

It seems like your overclock profile might be the culprit. Just reset your BIOS/CMOS to defaults as @eznix said. Then running the same applications normally causes this problem. And see if this happens.

I used to have an overclock profile which created a lot of issues due to how it handled the hardware IO and the power. Compared to Windows Linux kernel uses the hardware layer very differently. So, sometimes overclocking might cause issues like this,