Consider prioritising use of Linux LTS

From what you’ve said, the DE was the issue for you, so your points here are not really accurate.

Yes, but that’s not my main point. I apologise if I was making this unclear with all my ramblings…
The really import part is that Manjaro, which is sorta kinda based on Arch, and then EndeavourOS are distros I tried without even one full year of prior experience and I don’t think I could be any happier. I started out with Arch as a beginner and stuck to it with satisfaction. And I’m certainly no tech wiz.

Why did you switch to Linux?

Also, did you not use pamac while using Borkjaro? And do you still use it? :thinking:

PS: I don’t actually consider Borkjaro as Arch-based. :person_shrugging:

Why did you switch to Linux?

First time I tried Ubuntu was out of curiosity. First time I was kinda forced to use Linux was luckily after I discovered Manjaro KDE, and it was because I was unable to use my desktop for a few months in the summer of 2021 and my Laptop couldn’t run the pre-installed Windows system properly, lol
But it ran and runs just fine on Linux. :smile:

And now I’m just using Linux because I’m a lot more happy with it in many aspects. I can’t call it perfect, but nothing is anyway, and Windows is way more frustrating to me and also, as far as I can tell, much less capable for the most part, or at least more difficult to work with. So I honestly fell in love with Linux pretty quickly, and only in part because of KDE (all hail KDE).

But if you intend to continue this conversation beyond this point, I think by now it really is high-time we would move this somewhere else, because I don’t think this has much to do with the whole Linux LTS thing. On that topic, though, can confirm that my main machine can’t run it, so having it be the default would be a bit meh for me, lol

Also, did you not use pamac while using Borkjaro? And do you still use it?

Oh, I did use it… until I stumbled upon pacman -s. Since then I frankly just didn’t bother to install either pamac or even octopi :joy: (the latter of which I discovered through Garuda during the brief period I was distro hopping before landing on Endeavour)

But I also had to use CLI for different things. I mean, don’t ask me what, been too long for my garbage memory to recall anything, but I am absolutely certain that I did use the CLI for other things. And I still do - my .bashrc ain’t 350 lines long for just a nicer shell prompt, heh

PS: I don’t actually consider Borkjaro as Arch-based.

Oooh, that’s what you mean with Borkjaro. Well, anyway, I switched to EndeavourOS not a year later, so my point still stands, in case that was supposed to be an objection. If it wasn’t, I can only comment “fair”, I don’t understand the differences, but apparently they’re rather major. I couldn’t really tell in the few months I used it.

The thread I linked to has most of my points on this matter, as well as others’ points of view.

But essentially, your first “Arch experience” was kinda like using Windows on Linux, which made it easier to deal with. I’ve used Borkjaro KDE, which is the reason I asked you that question. KDE can make switching to Linux from Windows feel like the only real differences are some of the apps. Couple that with a “click this button” package manager, and it’s like you’re not even on Linux.

But as you said, these points are unrelated to the post.

^ Antique hardware owner approves.