Connection conundrum app using Lutris?

Heyo :wave: ,

My apologies, I wasn’t sure whether or not I should have posted this under ‘Gaming’. However, my issue is as follows. I like to play Anno 1800 on and off, but while I can successfully install the client and log-in to said client through either Lutris and bottles (tried both to rule out Lutris being the issue itself). And I can’t seem to connect the client itself. It keeps bouncing back to ‘connection lost’ screen/error, unless I use a VPN service (use a free one for the test).

So at first I thought to myself that I might miss a dependency after scouring the internet that was not the case. Then the next possible solution was to reinstall lib32-gnutls, was not the answer. Another was to install the samba package, wasn’t the answer either. After having tried numerous things, including messing around in the firewalld. I went and logged in to my account through the Ubisoft website itself to see whether my IP address may have been banned for some reason. Not the case and verified that my account successfully logged in and created a session with the client. Even though I can’t use it… Then I just opened a laptop with Windows 10 lying around and… guess what? It works. The same Ethernet cable as well as Wi-Fi.

Then I read to use a VPN to play any Ubisoft game. Thinking to myself: “can’t that simple… can it?”. And it works. I can successfully use the client with VPN, but not without it… So I now know it wasn’t a dependency missing, nor an IP ban, it’s something with my connection?

So my first instinct was, perhaps misguidedly, to change the DNS server under network settings and reconnect the cable afterwards. No dice. It should work without a VPN, if it works without it on my other devices, right?

Anyone have any advice on how to continue from here? This confuses me to no end.

Note: using KDE with all settings on default except for the theme and wallpaper.