Connect to a printer via Samba

Hi there!

Here is my problem, which seems to be fairly easy to overcome, but I can’t wrap my head around it:

I have an old printer (brother DCP-7055) connected via USB to my Windows machine (yeah, I know… the wife is not willing to try Linux). This printer does not have any wireless connection.

I found a way to install some drivers and when I plug it via USB, it works (I didn’t try the scanner though…), but I can’t connect it via samba. Samba is not preinstalled on Endeavour, right? I guess I have to install the client package of Samba, but is there anything that I have to know before I try that? And which way is the best?

Thanks in advance!

P.S.: Sorry for my english as it is not my native language, and sorry for my newbieness…

To use a Printer shared by Windows, it could be straight forward.

Could! Yes you need samba, and the Driver from he Printer installed. And maybe bonjour and zeroconf.

But what i would suggest: Buying any raspberry pi (used or new). Install Arch, Manjaro, Endeavouros, Debian, what ever on it. Then install cups on it and the driver for the printer. connect the printer to the raspberry pi, configure it, and share it.

And then in the Guest OSes you could simply connect to it. In this case, you can add it as RAW Printer without driver (because the data goes directly to the cups server, and this makes the handling wirth printer spool and so on).

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