Conky display of OS

I have a conky I have used forever that displays Arch Linux instead of Endeavour. The relevant .conkyrc line is:
Distro: ${alignr}${distribution}
Can anyone tell me how to change that so that it displays Endeavour instead of Arch?
Thanks, in advance.


cat /etc/lsb-release
${execi 130000 awk -F= '/ID=/{printf $2" "} /RELEASE=/{printf $2" "} /NAME=/{print $2}' /etc/lsb-release}
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Hi @rocket :rocket:

you could try this to get it (and more) on Conky 1.11.5_pre :

${execi 86400 lsb_release -si} ${execi 86400 lsb_release -sr} ${execi 86400 lsb_release -sv}
${sysname} ${machine}

Then you have a great Conky Thread here, you will find lot of things :

SGS & FLVAL, thanks very much for the responses. Between the two I was able to resolve my issue.

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Then mark @FLVAL post #3 as solution, not your own message.