Confusion in conky

hi all

i’m trying to get my desktop look sorted and been searching and finding things i like for conky. it seems though that not all of it works and i’m not sure why. i have conky 1.12.1-1 installed and conky-manager2-git 2.7-2 installed.

the 3 or 4 things i downloaded were extracted to the ~/.conky/ folder as i have read it should be.

this is everything i downloaded that i want to work with
Minimal Meter for Rainmeter
conky green alt link conky green
Minimalis Conky

they all have various files being shell scripts , txt files and python files.

so what am i doing wrong here?

I am pretty sure rainmeter is a software for Windows. Correct me if I am wrong.

I tried conky green. It is very old theme, and I won’t expect it to work now, since they changed the config syntax.

Its okay to have shell scripts, python scripts and all. Conky can only display content. It needs to get content from somewhere. So you have those scripts to fetch content.

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In regards to updating ‘old’ conky scripts, there is a .lua program for changing the syntax to the new standard that is freely available - it may even be included with what you have. If not - I can certainly forward it to you.

As mentioned, the Rain meter stuff looks like Windows, not Linux - although it may have some similarities with ‘Rainlendar’ on Linux - not a conky anyway.

It does not appear there is anything tricky about the last one, although it is pretty ‘simple’ as conkys go. If you look at old threads here about conky, you might find an example conky or two that you like and come with ‘instructions’ - one I recall setting up for a Deepin setup a while back… If you can get that going (whether on your own or with help) you will be much better placed to handle the others…

(yes, I answer conky questions...)

Edit: a search with the magnifying glass @ top right for conky cpu should point you to the thread from April with examples and some discussion of setup. Also it was on a Deepin thread, came up second when I tried the search.


ok great thanks i’ll go through those threads and see

wow lol all that i just read is way above my paygrade lmao

FWIW hand coding conky is MUCH safer and reliable than use of the conky-manager tools. If you want a pile of useful conkies to review and or make use of the guys on MXLinux provide more than 100 with their LiveUSB.

EDIT: btw. ArchLabs,MX and BunsenLabs have wonderful threads focused on conky use.


I might mention that Arcolinux also has a bunch - although some of them might be of BunsenLabs origin…

Also - there are a couple of MASSIVE conky threads on Ubuntuforums - one of which I used to get going many years ago (vinDSL how to).

Of course - we have some expertise hanging around here too :grin: - and we’re not afraid to share it…

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I agree. Folks here do share and are most helpful. I mentioned the other Forums as places where there are rather large, informative Conky threads. As for vinDS,L he seems to be over on PeppermintOS these days (probably elsewhere as well…)

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