Confused about eos-update-notifier tray icon

Hi! I’m confused about the tray icon used by eos-update-notifier. Changing the UpdateNotifyIcon option does not change the icon used. I have set both a name of an icon and a path to the icon file I want in config file. The icon used is also not what I expected. It seems to use Qogir’s system-software-update icon no matter what I put in the config file as the icon and that icon looks really blurry. Why is that case and how I can change the icon to something that scales better?

The eos update notifier is not really actively maintained, simply because a notifier is not needed for normal maintenance. As updates are available every day, and usually several times a day, simply running one of the updater commands when convenient is enough.

Recommended updater commands are

  • sudo pacman -Syu
  • yay
  • paru
  • eos-update

All of those commands have many options which are useful to learn.


man pacman

is a good read.

I know how to update my system. I just wanted something fancy to show when I have updates available. :sweat_smile:

Just had a look at the code. Seems that when we unified the icons (Qogir), this particular case wasn’t handled.

I’m going to change it, then you may change the value of
UpdateNotifyIcon in /etc/eos-update-notifier.conf
to whatever icon your system has, provided the value has the full path to the icon.
For example:


Sure. Let me know when it is done so I can try it out.

It is released already. :wink:
Version 24.4-1.

I apologize for my lateness. I was busy for a bit. It works now. Thank you!

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