Configuring MAC address randomization

Hello community,

I set up this lines under “/etc/NetworkManager/conf.d/wifi_rand_mac.conf” for increased privacy to not disclosing my real MAC address to the network. Hope i did do something wrong.


# "yes" is already the default for scanning
# Randomize MAC for every ethernet connection
# Generate a random MAC for each WiFi and associate the two permanently.

and also under ‘’/etc/NetworkManager/conf.d/ip6-privacy.conf"


P.S. also wanna to know is possible setup something good free VPN ? I like from cloudflare but it is not supported for Arch.

AFAIK Cloudflare doesn’t offer a VPN, it’s just a DNS resolver and is one of their server adresses. And it should absolutly be usable on Arch.

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I wouldn’t put too much trust into a ‘free’ VPN provider because routing traffic and providing infrastructure costs money - a lot of money.

There is a few commendable VPN providers

  • NordVPN
  • ProtonVPN
  • CitizenVPN
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