Configure Kate Segfault

Whilst setting up a VM I recently installed with latest EndOS ISO I attempted to configure kate … Settings -> Configure Kate … and it crashed.

$ kate
QObject::connect: No such slot KActionSelector::itemDoubleClicked(QListWidgetItem *)
QObject::connect: No such slot KActionSelector::itemDoubleClicked(QListWidgetItem *)
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

On each system I have, bare metal and VM, I am getting the same crash.

I haven’t altered my kate setup in a long time, so I have no idea when this began or when it might have been introduced.

Anyone else getting this?


This is theme related.

If I reset Appearance -> Global Theme to Breeze Dark, it works fine.

If I then change my Appearance -> Application Style to Oxygen the crash is triggered.


I’m running Arch, and I use the Oxygen theme, but I have no issues with Kate settings.

I realize that’s not very helpful. But it works fine with the Oxyhen theme for me.

What about when the Global Theme is Breeze / Breeze Dark and the Application Style is Oxygen?

I think it might be the cross theme mixing causing the issue.

Still working for me with that combination :man_shrugging:.

screenshot to verify

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Must be something in the config then combined with the Oxygen Application Style triggering it.

I’ll try a fresh new ISO VM install, take a snapshot, and see if I can work out the exact sequence of events to trigger this.


Looking at your image if I use monospace font in kate it works with Oxygen Application Style. No crash on Configure Kate.

If I change to noto sans 12 font in kate the crash is triggered.

Does this also happen for you?


Works fine for multiple monospaced fonts … monospace, droid sans mono, noto sans mono … but variable space fonts may be the cause.


Still works for me using Noto Sans 12.

I did a login/logout, too, just to make sure.


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Are default fonts noto sans also in Appearance -> Fonts?

I just changed the global fonts to Noto Sans 12, logged out/logged in. Kate configuration still works.


I need to do a fresh new ISO install, take a snapshot, and be more methodical in recreating this.

I am using medium strength noto sans 10 fonts, so text is less wirey, with droid sans mono monospace font.

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Clean EOS minimal KDE install.

KDE theme is Breeze by default.

Open kate, configure kate, set font to noto sans 12, close kate.

Open kate, configure kate, no crash.

Setup mirrorlist, refresh with pacman -Syy, install oxygen and oxygen-icons packages.

Open kate, configure kate, no crash.

Set Appearance → Application Style to oxygen.

Open kate, configure kate, crash.

No clue why.


Trying Calam-Arch ISO, see if EndOS specific. Don’t see why it would be though.

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I just installed EndeavourOS into a VM.

I did exactly what you wrote above,

After applying Application Style > Oxygen, opening “Configure Kate” causes Kate to crash (segmentation fault - core dumped).


I just did a Calam-Arch 2021.09 ISO KDE install into another VM … and it installed ALL of KDE, no minimalism there … so many packages, too little time … but I digress.

I replicated the issue with Oxygen Application Style, but I had to change the kate font from Hack to Noto Sans to cause the crash.

So not EndOS specific, but a KDE bug by the looks of it, time to head upstream and see if its been reported.

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Funny that it doesn’t happen on my Arch systems (checked on 3 different installs).

I think I’ll try a fresh Arch install in a VM, and see what happens.

I have made a couple of modifications to usr/share/kwin/aurorae (for my usual window theme), but that should not be relevant here; in fact I deleted the aurorae folder from the affected EOS VM, and the issue persisted.

The only way I can trigger it on Calam-Arch install is with Oxygen Application Style theme selected and Kate font set to Noto Sans .

Other monospace fonts in kate don’t trigger the crash, like Hack or Noto Sans Mono or Droid Sans Mono. Haven’t found another variable space font that crashes it either.

It is just beyond weird.

How old is the system? Could be different config option defaults in newer package versions, and kate is getting more and more bloated each release.

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Well, the oldest system I tested it on is about 2 years old, and the other 2 are close to that, so…

I’m doing a fresh Arch VM install right now. We’ll see what happens.

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Sorry, @otherbarry, I have to take a break and fix up some breakfast before my partner goes to work. It’ll be another half hour or so before I can finish up and see what happens.

OK, fresh Arch install, Breeze theme, Oxygen Application theme, Oxygen icons, global font set to Noto Sans 12, Kate font set to Noto Sans 12.

Works fine. “Configure Kate” opens.

I do get the same two errors in the terminal when the “Configure” window opens, but it does not go to a segmentation fault:

QObject::connect: No such slot KActionSelector::itemDoubleClicked(QListWidgetItem *)
QObject::connect: No such slot KActionSelector::itemDoubleClicked(QListWidgetItem *)
screenshot, man that Noto Sans 12 sure is big in this VM

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Thanks for that.

So a clean EndOS install crashes and a clean Arch install is fine and doesn’t crash.

Sounds like an EndOS specific issue then and not a more generic KDE / Arch issue.

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