Configuration restore

I changed my usename and home directory accordingly by copying my old /home/user directory - copy not move so that it is still there.

However I think I made the mistake of logging in as root rather than user to do this and when I logged back in non of my previous user configuration (e.g. Cinnamon settings) was retained.

I tried to do a few things to recover but it didnt work

Eventually I though this is a good time to try a full system restore using Timeshift which seemed to work well however on completion I still have the same problem i.e. my original user configuration has not been restored.

Presumably my old dconf database shouldnt have been corrupted ?

Any ideas please ?

Doing so could have changed the permissions to root. you would need to regain permissions.

Change ownership:

sudo chown -R user:user .

when you are in the new home folder.

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Thank you manuel - that worked

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Thank you Sir

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