~/.config/locale.conf ignored?

Hi to all,
I have created a locale.conf in users .config directory - but the locale is the same as without this file.

If I manually unset LANG and call source /etc/profile.d/locale.sh it is working.

It looks like /etc/profile.d/locale.sh is not executed when user logs in. What is executing this script and how can I look why it is not executed?

What shell are you using?


Your question pointed me to check something more… The system is configured with autologin for user to xfce. Within xfce ~/.config/locale.conf has no effect.
If I go to plain console and log in as user it is working. So it looks like autologin process skips locale.sh.

I am using lightdm-plymouth as loginmanager.

Perhaps we should step back and determine what you are trying to accomplish.

Are you trying to do something that can’t be handled by localectl?

The laptops where this is used are laptops which I use in our school. Normally all boot into German locale. But due to the fact we get more and more Ukrainian pupils we need a possibility to switch to English or Ukrainian. Only the user account should be affected. The system directly boots into xfce. I am using lightdm-plymouth as login-manager. I tried to create ~/.config/locale.conf but it is ignored. If I do a system wide configuration in /etc/locale.conf it is working - but now also for the teachers (who are working with another account via ssh). That is not wanted. Only the user the pupils are working should have different locale.

Then this is the proper DE agnostic way of accomplishing this:

It is explained at Archwiki.
OTOH, maybe xfce settings can no it with GUI settings, which I don’t remember.
The code needs to be inserted in $HOME/.profile, which is sourced from bash.
If GUI is not affected, add it also to $HOME/.xprofile. (re-login to test, before adding the 2nd one if not needed).

I have solved that now by using lightdm-gtk-greeter. This greeter allows indicators=~language;~separator;~layout what is showing an option to select the language and keyboard layout at login. This is working nearly perfect. The only issue is that you have to login twice after changing the language. At first login old language stays, but when you simply log off and on again it works.