Config Files

Is anyone else having an issue where programs do not create config files?

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First, Welcome Aboard! Next, you need to provide a lot more information then this. :crystal_ball:

I just want to know if this issue is something that can happen because of the OS, I do not believe it is common for this to occur, and I am just trying to eliminate possible causes.

Ok one more try :hugs: You haven’t asked a question yet related to endeavouros, a DE, WM, linux, etc. We can’t read minds.


Has anyone running EndeavorOS encountered this issue?

What issue? With what files? on what DE/WM? I am very sorry but if you can’t be more specific I will have to close this thread.

I believe that whenever I install a program that has config files with pacman, that these config files are not created generally and I manually have to create them with text that I find on the internet or in some cases, the program has a default config that I can copy from some other folder. I am on i3, but I don’t see how the window manager would be relevant to this.

pacman will never create config files in your home directory.

They are generally created the first time programs are run.

However, there may be default configs placed elsewhere.

Without a specific example of which software specifically it is hard to help.


I am having issues with programs running but not working in relation to their config files being missing.

Please provide a specific example and also provide the exact error you are receiving.

I made a post on the Xmonad subreddit in regards to this, but it apples to every window manager I have tried to install. I could post various error logs for programs if you want, but it won’t likely appear to be relevant to EndeavourOS

Well, the answer to your question is, “No, there is not a general problem with EndeavourOS failing to create config files.”

If you want help with your actual issues we need more info to help.

If it is happening broadly across a bunch of programs the first thing I would do is check the permissions on your home directory.

Ah, that could be the case then, thanks.

That would be a great start if you’re actually looking for help.

If it won’t be relevant to endeavour, why are you even here? I would urge you to seek help on the distro you actually use.

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