Computer will not sleep

I have a 2700 super nvidia and whenever I try to get the computer to sleep it just turns the screen off. After a minute the whole system will rewake. The fans never power down. Not sure the commands to use to tell what the computer is doing for debuging purposes.

Do you mean 2070 super Nvidia? Maybe post your hardware link

inxi -Faz | eos-sendlog

Total % Received % Xferd Average Speed Time Time Time Current
Dload Upload Total Spent Left Speed
100 6934 0 24 100 6910 96 27821 --:–:-- --:–:-- --:–:-- 27959

Yes that one!

How did you set up the install? Swap with hibernation? Are you trying to suspend or hibernate?

Just suspend. Never use hibernate. I used the auto settings.

I’m not the expert on hibernation or suspend. But, do you have swap file?

It doesn’t look like there is one. Can I add a swap easily in gparted?

That is a swap partition. You can add swap file instead of creating a new partition.

Yes a swap file can be added after the fact as @sradjoker has posted. One thing I notice is there are 19 newer UEFI Bios updates for this motherboard. The latest is still in Beta but you could update to version 4204 and then update to the latest when it becomes final. These updates are extremely important for Ryzen processors as they usually have new AGESA which is all the power settings.

Im nervous about bios updates since last time I did them they wiped out my computers ability to sleep. It sleeps fine in fedora 36 and lmde 5. How big of a swap do I need. 32 gigs?

If it was couple of updates then it wouldn’t be such an issue but 19 is way too many to be behind. These control every aspect of your hardware. I also have an X570 board although it’s an MSI. I have done at least 15 updates on it and one is still in Beta currently.

You don’t need a swap partition to suspend, only to hibernate. Hibernation is largely pointless as modern machines boot as fast as a resume from hibernation.

There does appear to be a problem at the moment with resume from suspend, must be new kernel.

The bios update seemed to fix it. Although it still has that dumb bug where my 3200 mhz ram is only reading as 2100 mhz. It gave me a weird error saying the bios didn’t work. So I looked around the bios and restarted it. Than it worked. Weird.

I have an Asus Tuf board also but it is an Intel Z370 Pro Gaming. You may need to check your Bios settings after updating as they will be default when installing a new UEFI Bios version usually. I always make a couple of changes on mine from the default settings. Ram being one of them as it defaults to a lower setting than 3200.