Computer doesn't boot, it stuck after grub screen in black screen and it constantly refreshing the screen


My computer was going into hibernate and sleep mode but wouldn’t wake up. As a result, they said in a forum that I had to create a swap space. Then I created a swap area, then I put it in hibernate mode. When I tried to wake the computer, it woke up late and was waiting frozen after waking up,

So I turned off the computer with the power button and when I turned it back on, i am stuck at black screen after boot and it constantly refreshing.
Computer doesn’t open.

Problem: (video taken by me)

It will be helpful to know what error.

Some forum member might get an idea how to troubleshoot.

As i mentioned, i am stuck at black screen after boot and it constantly refreshing.

Are you able to get into a tty screen?

No, if you want i can send you a video while booting.

Actual Error Video:

How exactly did you create the swap partition/file?

I followed the wiki steps.

Did you add the resume parameter in the kernel command line?

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What is the resume parameter, i don’t know.

Oh I see, i didn’t add kernel resume parameters.

Try booting to TTY, editing grub entry (press E at the grub menu, while your boot entry is highlighted) and adding the number three ( 3 ) at the end of the line that starts with linux .
This (if it works) will get you to a TTY (black screen with a prompt for user login), where you may troubleshoot (check journal for errors, etc.).

Another possibly helpful option is to boot to the fallback kernel image (you will find it in the submenu “Advanced options for EnOS”).

I can reach the TTY screen but its getting stuck.


If the power button was pushed as stated in the OP after a failed wakeup and a frozen system, I wonder we are not in front of some sort of filesystem corruption or some such.

IIUC the login session fails and logs out the user.

If you have another user, try to log into that. Else, try to log into root user (NOT your normal user with sudo).

Edit: The error message says xserver fails. I assume you use xinitrc, or other WM method for your session (which you forgot to mention :wink: ). Give more details about your DE, or session and your system in general. If Xorg is the problem, bash should let you work, instead of kick you out. Unless .Xauthority is corrupted (delete it, when possible).

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I can’t see the media OP is posting… my blockers do their blocking job, I guess.

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