Completely Nuke Microsoft Teams

I left my old organization and now Microsoft Teams is stuck in the old organization and I cannot log into a personal account nor a different organizational account. I have this issue with the app and web browsers I have used. I even tried clearing all cookies for the web browser. I don’t really care about the browsers, but if I could nuke everything from the app and connect with a new account that would sort everything out for me. I am currently using a browser in private mode.

Completely Nuke Microsoft

Probably would be a better option!
I’d also burn my drives in microwave and bought new ones, just in case…



For the web browser, you can delete cache and cookies.

I did that and I am still stuck in the old organization. I am using vivaldi as my web browser.

I don’t use Teams so this might not be relevant but I wonder if you could delete/rename its config files/folders and start the app again on a “clean slate”, would that help?

Where would those config files be?

If you’re running sync in Vivaldi, that might be the reasson. Check what you got synked.

Installing a new borg-friendly browser, such as chrome, chromium, brave, opera, edge, etc. etc. might actually be of a help-in-hand, when in a borg-need…

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In your home directory, press Ctrl-H to make visible hidden files/folders.
Have a look around in there and also in .config directory.

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First kill all processes for Teams.

Then uninstall Teams with pacman.

Lastly, look for a directory named “teams” or “microsoft” or something like that inside ~/.config. Delete all of that.

To make sure everything is purged, inside your home directory, execute this:

find . -iname '*teams*'

If you find anything else belonging to teams, delete it.


Crazily enough after deleting the config there and /usr/share/teams it still goes to the old organization portal.

Then you didn’t do what I said. First kill it, then uninstall it, then delete all config inside your home directory. Make sure everything is deleted.

Only then you can reinstall it.

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You did it all wrong…

First you should do:




Turns out there were more than one directories with configs!

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Sneaky bugger… Who knows, maybe it left a bunch of viruses and spyware on your machine as well..? I never trust Micro$oft. Just because I’m paranoid doesn’t mean I’m necessarily wrong.



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