Communicating with an UPS

Even though the apcupsd software is old, it still works. It’s one of the few things I forgot to install after switching from Mint, so this thread came in handy.

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Look up UPS management with NUT. If I remember correctly it is cross platform for BSD and Unix like systems. Works pretty well in pfsense. I use powerstatd on my Cyberpower. Don’t think it will work with APC.

@Kresimir If you are looking for a UPS make sure it is one that can be opened so you can replace the batteries when they eventually need replacement (3-5 years), and that it has sinewave regulation. Basically if you have dirty power (voltage varies more than ±2 it helps regulate it and keep it in that range. I have had good luck with Cyberpower, and currently have two. One more to be added in the near future.

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Which software are you talking about? apcupsd?

Yes, sorry about the lack of context. I’m editing that reply right after this.

I can recommend the CyberPower 1500 VA UPS. I have 5 of them for various computers around the house and for my Stereo.

Besides power outage protection, they also have

## [Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR)](

Provides clean, consistent AC power by automatically regulating low voltages and over voltages, within defined tolerances, when incoming utility power has minor fluctuations.

I may have to look at the AUR package for my Server, cable modem, router, switch, UPS.

My main computers I power off before leaving the house.

I would send a family member to the garage and give them the command pull the breaker

BTW I just got that one :grin:


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What about this one then?


That’s exactly what I have.


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They have both cyber Power and APC around same money.

I have had good luck with APC (until this software situation, anyway) - so that’s how I went. It might still go back, though! :grin:

They have also Linux support:

(but I’m not using this, I know nothing more…)

That’s where I might go if I don’t get this to go. However - I am CLOSE to being there - I had comms briefly (with apcupsd as per Archwiki) but now I can’t seem to get it to talk anymore (and it doesn’t shut down as it should). Doesn’t show up on lsusb either, which leaves me confused! You know any other means of checking the usb situation?

The software has been around for a while, and seems to often work (and should) - but I get COMMLOST for status - and that leads to a real rabbithole on the web…

At least

  • hwinfo
  • dmesg
  • usb-devices

can show USB info.

Have you searched this? Might be interesting.

  yay -Ss ups apc

Yeah - I saw those. My problem seems to be that it is not acknowledging being hooked up! Currently using a USB->type C cable with no sign of a connection. Can’t find a type A connector - and don’t have a RJ45 adapter either (all of which should be able to make a connection )…

Now I have to shift all the hardware around to try on another box, because I was working on the laptop, and it might be too old to work! More to come…

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