Common Packages - Detailed descriptions

Thought it would be a great idea for newcomers if there was a way to have common packages descriptions on this website. So people can identify if required for their needs in order to slim down their initial install from Calamares gui.

Previously I just googled ones I wasn’t sure as some are not obvious and from then on I keep a preselection list for future reference. But this way would save alot of googling for newcomers.

Realise it would probably only make like 100-150MB RAM usage fresh boot difference from full to slim, but its the feeling of more naked and free, even if it will probably not change your life. Then as and when you need a package then can install instead of having things you don’t need initially.

How would that be different than this which is already actively maintained?

In most cases, it won’t result in any difference in RAM usage because most programs aren’t resident in memory unless you actually run them.

That being said, I am all for slimming down your system from an ongoing maintenance perspective.


Why not just

pacman -Si package_name



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