Commands in i3 autostart config keeps log me out

while ago I have modified the i3 config file and uncommented

exec --no-startup-id picom -b

the problem is when this command is executed, it will turn my screen black and log me out. however the command is executed whenever I login so I cannot modify the config file. what should I do?

Try --nostartup-id

thanks for the reply. but the problem is now I am stuck at the log in screen since the command log me out when I try to log in.

Try to login via TTY.
At the login screen press Ctrl-Alt-F2. Login as your user.
Use nano to edit the file and save it.
Type exit to logout and Ctrl-Alt-F7 to go back to login screen.

Hope This Helps

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If picom is being problematic - which it often is - you can just remove that line from i3 config.

I think I have solve the problem by myself. I plugin a bootable usb and change the file by nano as a liveuser. I think it is similar as your approach. thanks for the help.

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Not quite :wink: but I am glad you sorted it out.