Command line saves the day! A moment of personal triumph

Tonight I finally got around to performing what is for me one of the ultimate tests of a distro, burning a video DVD of my grand-niece’s weekly dance classes for her to practice with until next week’s class. In my Ubuntu days I would use DVD Styler (easily available already compiled and working perfectly through a PPA) for both the authoring and the burning. Another option is to author the ISO with DevedeNG and burn it with Brasero.

Today neither DVD Styler nor Brasero would successfully complete a burn for me, but I was able to put together the ISO with DevedeNG. So I checked the Arch Wiki, and sure enough there was a command to burn the ISO:

growisofs -dvd-compat -Z /dev/sr0 = isoimage.iso

And it worked perfectly! So yay me for being able to roll with the punches and adapt. :grinning:


Graphical programs on Linux are usually only graphical frontends that use programs such as growisofs under the hood. However, in a terminal you usually have more options.

Some things can go faster when you’re practiced. For example, I copied something faster with scp than if I first had to connect in a file manager (I don’t save passwords in principle).

And somehow it’s fun, too. :wink:

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It definitely feels good to have a finer level of control over the process. Next on my list should be learning to write a bash script and hopefully integrate it into the file manager’s context menu so I can right-click on the ISO and go. :grinning: