Coming in December...Steam Deck

Interesting. Sign-up for pre-orders if interested.

More info…here.


So this is what happens when you slap together a Steam controller and a Nintendo Switch? :grin:

I probably won’t buy it, but I am curious about the reviews when it comes out…
I’m especially curious about the battery life


LOL, right? I am intrigued because you can hook it up to your TV for giant screen gaming, and use it as a computer (vacations.) Multi-uses, great, but I will wait and see if the processor can handle all this, and as you stated, the battery holds up.

not too worried about the cpu… they mention a 4c/8t zen 2 apu…
but for battery life they mention between 2 and 8 hours…
my guess is that it’s gonna be closer to 2 :sweat_smile:

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Found this today. Valve has announced a 400 dollar nintendo switch rival. On paper looks good. I read this article about the details of the product and…did Valve just say “proton can now run anti cheat games” or it’s a journalist error?

Link :

I mean, if you can run desktop apps on a “nintendo switch”…it does sound cool, at least on paper


Steam Deck…Arch and KDE. Valve loves linux.


I saw them mention the same on the official website…
or at least that they’re working on it

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I recently realized Tom Clancy’s the division is working with proton. So maybe.

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Can I get a link? Too lazy to find and type with my wings so

it’s on the site posted in the opening post…
go to the software section

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If this thing will be a success, it could be huge for Linux gaming. I think I will get one no matter what. The ability to just wipe the device and use it as your own portable PC with any Linux customization is incredibly interesting.

Really looking forward to this and how it will do on the market.


It would be interesting if you could run EAC games. But I doubt vanguard or other non steam games with different anti cheat methods would work. I will keep an eye on this one

Xfce would have been much better, or lxqt. Anything that consumes less resources

Since the xfce upgrade to gtk3 and the optimization of plasma, kde uses less resources than xfce if you use similar compositor settings.

The idea of xfce being “lightweight” is a thing of the past.


Then you don’t know KDE. KDE has beaten XFCE in using less resources.

Here is one example.

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Wow they switched steam os from Debian to arch sweet!


oh damn, now that you mention it :slight_smile:
Maybe so they have the latest drivers for that amd apu?

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I’ll have to install it on my testing drive.

Interesting, since XFCE is kinda faster than KDE on my old laptop. Also, what compositor settings should I set on KDE in such way I don’t get screen tearing and no latency?