Come back in 8 hours

After posting 10 posts on my first day, I was greeted with a message which told me I needed to come back in 8 hours. Thankfully, my problem was resolved, but honestly, had it not been, I would not have come back and would have moved to a different distro.

As someone who is a content moderator, I fully appreciate the fact that you want to keep spam out and troublemakers out. I do indeed sympathize—Especially since this is what I partly do for a living on a few social media sites. But an 8-hour soft ban (as it will seem to the user) is not precisely welcoming when they have done nothing wrong other than being active within your community. Which ideally is what you want to encourage, activity.

Furthermore, and speaking personally, as someone who loves Arch Linux, but usually finds themselves disliking the communities that surround Arch and their offshoots, I was impressed by how friendly, and helpful Endeavor OS’s community was. It was very refreshing after trying both Arch, Manjaro, Arco Linux, and a few other Arch Linux based (offshoot) distros, whose communities were less than friendly or helpful. It seems to be a theme surrounding Arch, and much to my surprise, Endeavor OS is the complete opposite (which is very lovely). That said, the 8-hour window felt like a slap in the face and a complete contradiction.

I would encourage you to find an alternative solution to the current system in place.


Discourse is a pain, stupid badges, stupid limits on new users, I assume they can be turned off (please!!).

This is probably a matter of the forum inventor Discourse, so you should place a pull request there to allow a moderator to block or allow more posts.

I am familiar with the content manager portal, Discourse, and its integrated forums and mailing manager. The current feature can be manipulated, and I would ask the management to please consider doing so.

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The smaller a forum is, the easier it is to run it. like Garuda :wink:


Then you not really sympathize. i not see a big problem with it as its thier rules …


Missing your :fu: :wink: :slight_smile:


It is perfectly reasonable and understandable to sympathize while being in disagreement. The current system in place is a contradiction in encouraging a welcoming environment and promoting useful activity.

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Just wait a little bit and everything will be fine.

My God, does that sound like dalto?


Agreed, I got a soft ban on my first or second day for commenting to much. Come on I was excited about what I found. Hasn’t been a problem since, but it was very annoying when it happened.


that coz you chat toooooooo much :crazy_face:


The Discourse TL defaults can be a bit strict. They make sense for smaller, less active, or less technical communities but most people here are pretty sensible and the moderators are very active which means any issues will be very quickly spotted and dealt with.

It takes a little time to tweak the settings to suit the community - it just needs feedback when it’s not quite right.


Thank you for your feedback.

It wasn’t so much out of safety from our side, it was just about not knowing how to change the settings without comprimising the forum software.
The forum software has a lot of hidden features and most of them are a bit scattered over the entire settings menu.

Anyway, I’ve changed the settings now, so a new user doesn’t feel so restricted in the first place thanks to @jonathon for the feedback .


Welcome @Linux-Is-Best
Thank you for your feedback and your very nice comments. I really hope you will stick around for the long haul. Your encouragement and feedback is welcomed. Thank You for your complete honesty.


welcome here, and also from my side thanks for the feedback, we look forward to every message about a problem or improvement of any kind.