Colorizing some fields :: how to achieve this with GIMP?

hello dear all,

how to achieve this colorized letters - how to create such letters !? - with the letters (and characters) colorized in such a manner!? Note: see the geometrical areas - there are strict and well defined borders of one color - how can this be achieved - should we use layers here!?


look forward to hear from you

Yes. Duplicate the text and make it a regular layer. Select the areas you want to change on that layer, then colorise or fill as needed.

You should probably check out this channel and search for Gimp:

Or this guy:


good day dear ddnn - first of all : many many thanks for the quick reply - this is awesome.

one additional question: what to do if i want to create such nice characters - with such a color sheme - see the technique: this cannot be achieved with a simple brush - with a brush we do not have these accurate lines - for example in the “A”

So the question is - what can i do to achieve this - to colorize some letters out of the alphabet - with such a technique:

look forward to hear from you

You got some hint’s for tools to achieve this, and two links to sources for video tutorials. What else do you expect before you start getting your hands dirty and start either working through those sources, or just start using Gimp and familiarize yourself with the tools it provides?

What you are hoping to do is not hard, still a pure text-explanation would not only be tedious, but most likely not sufficient to help you since you present no knowledge for a graphics program in your post here.
Those are complex interfaces and you will need a visual medium presenting the explanation.

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Had to go do some work.

Like @Ganimede said, these kinds of things are better explained graphically rather than with text, so here’s a video you can watch to learn how to do something similar.

Hope it helps. :student:

Also, there are pretty much always multiple ways to achieve the same or a similar result. :wink:


Many thanks for the heads up and for everything you explained. Awesome

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You’re welcome. Take care. :vulcan_salute: :enos_flag:

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Just a suggestion, but the better tool for this job might be Inkscape.

Gimp is primarily for working with raster/bitmap images (photos, image manipulation, etc).
Inkscape is primarily for working with vector images (logos, graphics, print, etc).

What you’re wanting to achieve could be achieved in Inkscape, in a format that scales infinitely (vector).

Agreed, somewhat.

In general, Inkscape is better for text, however, for this particular thing, Gimp would be more intuitive and easy to understand for casual users.

I think it’s safe to say that the OP is a casual user.

Sure, I wondered that myself. Sometimes though, one doesn’t know what one doesn’t know. Perhaps Inkscape, or even vector graphics in general, were not something the OP was even aware of.

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good day dear all,

many thanks for all the hints!
btw: i am so glad to be part of this great forum - its such a great place - and your friendlyness and supportive - generous help is just overwhelming

thanks for all you do - and for all the encouragement (i am a GIMP -beginner)

Depends on the background you want in the text really