Colemak and entering luks passphrase

I tested to install Endeavor by specifying luks and btrfs. During installation I chose keyboad US and colemak.

Unfortunately, when booting entering the luks passphrase using colemak keyboard layout wasn’t accepted.

Is this a bug?

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Similar issue:

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Thanks @pebcak . Yes, same thing. So, this will be corrected in some future time.

It’s a known issue so we should certainly hope so.

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According to the following ArchWiki articles, (1) Unlocking in early userspace and (2) Set persistant keymap, it should be possible to use non-US keymaps for typing encryption passwords at grubs early boot stage.
Disclaimer: I have not gotten this to work on my system myself yet. In case of full disk encryption it may be necessary to generate a core image including the desired keymap for early boot: see here.

From what I’ve gathered you’d have to …

cat /etc/mkinitcpio.conf | grep -v '#' | grep HOOKS

  1. make sure the keymap hook comes before the encrypt hook and
  2. make sure the keyboard hook comes before the autodetect hook for external keyboard support

If not, edit mkinitcpio.conf and rebuild initramfs:

sudo nano /etc/mkinitcpio.conf 
sudo mkinitcpio -P

  1. Set desired persistent keymap
    localectl set-keymap --no-convert <keymap>
    Where <keymap> being something like uk, us, de, … (default if empty is us);

list all possible keymaps:

localectl list-keymaps

now, for example: set colemak as persistant keymak

localectl set-keymap --no-convert colemak

Thanks @2000 . This worked fine for me like follows:

I first changed KEYMAP to colemak in /etc/vconsole.conf, then changed the hook sequence in mkinitcpio.conf and finally ran sudo mkinitcpio -P

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