Cloud Storage for Backups

There’s an old saying that one backup is no backup. So I’m currently running on a Synology, with a separate external backup to removable drive, using Hyperbackup. I’d also like to set up a cloud backup with a company that’s ethically responsible. That counts out a ton of orgs and corps that would be quite convenient, - Microsoft, Amazon, etc.

What do you all use for cloud backup? I was thinking Linode. Any other suggestions?

they most likely count under ethically unresponsible but not too much like the ones listed but “mega . nz”.
they give you a lot of free storage to start with that you can easily upgrade later, with and without monetary payment, if they also dont work i heard a lot of people using the compromise of encrypting what they want backed up before uploading so even unethical choices cant do much about what you upload.
they also have a native app for linux you can use.

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Interesting take on the kind of options available, although I’d rather not give my money to an unethical corp even if encryption before upload would make it a viable option. I think encryption before upload is a given for any backup in this day and age :slight_smile:


true true, there is these this options that privacytools recommends


The only problem with mega is that when downloading a file they download it to ram and decrypt it there then asks the browser to download from the RAM to disk which can freeze your system if not enough ram is free .

I’m pretty sure when the time runs out your left with around 15gb still a lot though of course. If the OP doesn’t mind paying pcloud could be a option. I’m using the free version with 10gb of storage but the subscriptions options let your pick your server and add encryption. There swiss based if that means anything.

And they have a native linux client