Clamtk doesn't initialize. . . .?

[richardc@AM3 ~]$ clamtk
panic: Incorrect version for previously generated inversion list.

Re-installed Cinnamon desktop after using ‘Clear’ Linux OS. Nice but not my bag. . . .Clamtk doesn’t run. In terminal here’s what I get. . . . any idea’s?

Rich :slight_smile:

updated virus definitions ?

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I read the info on the Arch website and did some of the suggested scripts. But still clamtk doesn’t initialize. This issue hasn’t happened with Cinnamon or Deepin shells. The program would just run and you could update the virus definitions from within Clamtk. I guess what I’m saying is that it was never an issue before at all. Can’t figure this out. I appreciate the link to Arch’s site. I downloaded the virus defs per the scripts but they failed to work within this context of clamtk.
I removed and reinstalled clamtk. That didn’t work either.

Rich :slight_smile:

so running xfce4 ?

i can try reproducing here now…

this message could be caused by some other issue also…

do you try remove ~/.clamtk folder?

i have no such issue here…