Ckbcomp won't install

Just installed Cinnamon and ckbcomp wont install version 1.192-1
==> ERROR: Failure while downloading
Say’s Antergos build server?

Uninstalled previous version and now is not asking to update.

You converted from Antergos to EOS I guess?

Should be flagged in AUR as the link is dead anyway:

Actually no i didn’t convert. I installed Xfce and then installed Cinnamon but i removed Xfce first. Guess i don’t need these files since i removed it.

we added ckbcomp only in the developer repo, since calamares need it to adjust keymap, after install the package is removed.

Do you need it in your system for any reason?
In case you need we can move it to the normal repo.

No, it just showed up and kept trying to update when i installed Cinnamon. It wouldn’t update so i removed it and problem was gone. I did check my other system and see it was not something i needed anyway. It’s all good. Thanks.

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uninstall it and you will be good :wink: