CJK fonts not rendering with Noto

Hi, I have finally switched to enOS after my Arch system broke! Loving it so far!

I’m having an issue with CJK fonts rendering wrong though. I have removed ttf-dejavu, and installed noto-fonts{extra,cjk} and the regular noto-fonts package. I have also put this into my /etc/fonts/local.conf, after installing ttf-twemoji from the aur: http://ix.io/2Qnl

Emojis render just fine. However, while CJK text renders, it is not as “bold” as I expect it to be, and I suspect that one of the fonts installed with enOS is the culprit ( if not dejavu sans ) because on my arch system, where i started with no fonts, i didn’t have this issue :thinking:

Only happens with CJK characters (well, it seems to look normal in Korean, but I don’t understand any of these languages, I just like to be able to see them :laughing:), but not in other languages (eg Hebrew, Arabic, Greek).


google translate:

discord (electron app, so basically chromium) with a channel name:

edit: also font issues with zoom, which is not CJK, so not sure what is happening. zoom chat, this is someone’s name and the time: happened because i removed ttf-dejavu