Cinnamon tips and tricks

Just installed cinnamon DE and works great! Any tips and tricks to make it look even better or handy tools/settings one should look for?

It can be tweaks via settings or themes that can be installed via terminal and work :+1: with cinnamon. Or perhaps better workspace management, tiling windows, etc.

Any recommendations are welcome from total cinnamon noob to advanced fixes. I am obviously a cinnamon noob. :innocent: I know nothing yet…

Because there’s no tiling script and zentile doesn’t work, touchegg was critical for me to utilize the virtual desktops better.

Other wise, just use it. Very little changes with it, and rightfully so, the mint team has a VERY stable product. I like it almost as much as kde, and I’ve been using it for almost a decade on a regular basis now.

There’s not much to tweak other than your shortcuts.


It also goes really well on sweet potatoes and yams with a little butter. Not too much Cinnamon, but it’s delicious.


Is touchegg a widget from cinnamon? Or separate program? I am also thinking of installing a separate session with qtile so I can log into that if I want to go full tiling and back into cinnamon when I feel like floating.

I also like to find a good dark theme that fits well. Right now I prefer the look over kde, possibly because it is gtk based and gtk apps are nice visually. Qt apps are solid but the windows in apps like Kate are light gray and squared out of the box, looks too retro win95 for my personal taste :sweat_smile:

Or in apple chutney with :hot_pepper: when cooking Indian food …

If you only need 2 windows tiled, the snap windows work fantastic.

Touche and touchegg are programs to make the touchpad gestures work.

Ok! See I am a cinnamon noob…

I found that the windows key and right/left arrow “tiles” two windows on my screen, same to gnome and kde, I like that.

Whish I could send my windows now to another workspace. Haven’t yet played with workspaces on cinnamon. Something with slight resemblance to i3 wm would be :sunglasses: to have. Doesn’t have to be all the way tiling, two windows and sending between workspaces is ok.

I actually use it on kde.

It does. Look up shortcut for snap windows.

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I don’t really get it. I went to window tiling settings, it has an option to set

modifier to use for toggling between time and snap mode.

Currently it’s set to Control but nothing happens when I press that.

Tiling only puts the windows in the top right, right, left whatever. Window Snapping will make it so you can resize them respectively. I believe the first window needs to be full screen and the second window it’s like ctrl+meta+right or left and it should snap like two windows in i3 and as you resize one, it automatically snaps the second window to follow suit. It’s nearly identical to how it works in Windows.

ok got it! Meta just snaps them, meta+ctrl tiles them. To get them resizing in syn I need to have one full window or double click it while its snapped, and then tile the other, then can resize by moving them. Its a bit tricky.