Cinnamon desktop backgrounds empty

I just did a fresh install of endeavour and tried to set the desktop background but the folders are all empty. I went and added my custom wallpaper folder but it and my pictures folders are also showing as empty in the background selection thing despite there being pictures in those folders.

As MadMax also reported there is at least a conversion error with
cinnamon-settings bakgrounds
Although you can select a background with Nemo from /usr/share/backgrounds/gnome
by right-click
If you enable Slide-show at least temporarily you will see the backgrounds. Not all at once but it’s better than nothing.

It seems the problem is with the latest python-pillow 10.0.0-1 If you reinstall the previous version 9.5.0-2, then the image previews should generate. You might want to add python-pillow to the IgnorePkg list in your pacman.conf for the time being.


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Thanks for your contribution.


Fixed upstream:


Welcome to the EndeavourOS forum. I hope you enjoy your time here.

Thanks for the contribution.


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yea welcome to the purple games :enos: :rocket:

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And when is there a fix fore it? The users pix can not be change either.


5.8.4 just relesed 3 days ago…
i see arch already have them too:

extra/cinnamon 5.8.4-1

the fix is commited here:

should be solved with latest cinnamon package…

Ok Thanks I look in to that :grinning:

just checked but seems the specific fix is not jet inside latest cinnamon package for arch… but i got the fix when i use cinnamon-git from AUR ( yay -Syu cinnamon-git )

this builds:

just find it…

not under released… its a tag used for the version release and this is from 2 weeks ago. these are used for arch packages…

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Thank you for this, even fixed my screencap gui problem!

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I’m having this same issue. Lateset cinnamon 5.8.4 and pything-pillow 10.0.0. Already cleared the cache. Still not able to see the background. I can only change them when I set it to slideshow. Anyone knows a fix fir this? Thanks

28 days later…

the fix should be in current released packages… could be your system is not fully up to date?

i see its still borked but this is an arch upstream issue… seems they forget the needed patch to be added…

cinnamon-git works here:

My system is up to date. I fixed it following the link you have provided in a previous reply. All good now, I guess. I hope those changes don’t break anything. Thank you :slight_smile:

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