Cinamon issue with graphics

Hi there,
I switched from gnome to cinnamon DE. In gnome everything was fine. But I Felt trying out different DE. I switched to Cinammon. I love its simplistic design. But the graphics is glitching. It is very sluggish and sometimes it stucks. I had fresh installed cinnamon. What might be the problem?

Given the description of the issue and the details you provided, it could be anything.

Maybe there are birds nesting in your PSU? :thinking:

How to include systemlogs in your post

Did you install along gnome or reinstall eos entirely with only cinnamon? Hardware infos would be useful. Else it maybe the birds. :grin:


I would be curious as to your hardware because Cinnamon should not be a problem.

inxi -Faz | eos-sendlog