Chromium / Chrome and other search engines

I just noticed today, when I gave up on getting Vivaldi to do what i wanted, and dumped Brave because of politics, that Chromium now (thanks to the EU, no doubt) have a much deeper integration with other search engines than before (and compared to all other browsers).

When I changed default search engine to duckduckgo, the whole new tab page changed so it was handled by duckduckgo. Not only did the search field switch engine but instead of the big Google logo there is a Duck logo and there were an option to activate “most visited pages”, like on Googles own start page… but it very clearly said “Duckduck go takes these from your local history only”.

Now I wish Firefox would do the same; it is a shame you need to download extensions to be able to change the new tab page, these days.

This is what I get on Firefox:

The page is pretty configurable:

I don’t use add-ons for this, I like to keep my extensions to a minimum, in fact I don’t allow even Duckduckgo extension. (I distrust DuckduckGo less than I distrust Google, but I would still not grant them more access to my data than needed.)

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That’s what I mean tho, it looks like in Chrome at least some other search engines get a whole dedicated page.
(also, it’s a shame Chromium isn’t a practical choice in Windows).