Chromium based browsers/applications are slow

Chromium based browsers/applications are unusably slow unless hardware acceleration is disabled.
I have tried Chrome, Chromium, MS Edge, Brave, and Firefox. Firefox is the only browser to not have this issue.
Disabling hardware acceleration is a fine workaround for the browser, but many applications I use are electron based (VS Code, Etcher, Slack, etc…) and not all of them have options for disabling hardware acceleration, making them unusable.

I am using a new installation of EndeavourOS w/ i3wm
Kernel is 5.14.15-arch1-g14-1
CPU is AMD Ryzen 9 5900HS
GPU1 is AMD Cezanne (integrated)
GPU2 is Nvidia GA106M RTX 3060 Mobile (dedicated)

I wonder if this is an nvida artifact of some kind - as I have AMD/AMD systems, and have never seen any such symptoms. Perhaps because it is GPU2?

BTW - none of the above mentioned are the least bit unusable, not have settings been changed on my systems, or in the many different builds on them.

Perhaps a better description of the problem - especially with such as VS-Code would be helpful in tracking this down…

With the chromium based browsers, it seems to run normal for about 10 seconds then each input (typing, scrolling, clicking) is delayed by 10-15 seconds (more or less).

VS code has the exact same issue.

Chromium and VS Code have options to disable hardware acceleration, which has worked fine so far. I am just wondering if there is a way to fix the issue.

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