Chromium and electron based applications does not use hardware accelerations

With the distros that I have used such as Xubuntu, Manjaro and EndvourOS, even though if on chromium I have enabled hardware acceleration, my PC fails to use it unless if I force hardware accelerations by enabling certain flags and this is the same issue on any PC that I install Linux on.

With electron based applications (since it is based on the blink rendering engine like what chromium uses), it is the same issue, but this time alot of these electron based applciations don’t have “chromium flags”.

There must be something that is causing chromium/electron based applications to not use hardware acceleration(s), even though it is enabled in the settings?

What would I need to do to fix this?

Actually, they do. :wink:

$HOME/.config/electron-flags.conf for electron, $HOME/.config/electronN-flags.conf for electronN.


Ah right :slight_smile:

Anyways how come by default even if acceleration is enabled, it still doesn’t work?

It seems to be working finally, took years for them to fix this!

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