China and Linux

The good old Indian YouTuber Mutta on Linux from China.

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They haven’t reached true communism yet!1one
Bleak, compared to greatness of Red Star OS :north_korea:

P.S. SomeOrdinaryGamers is such a click-baiter :roll_eyes: :laughing:


Most of the time I don’t understand what his saying but I kind of enjoy what his doing.

Most of the time I don’t understand what his saying but I kind of en

That’s a North Korean distro

Yes, Chinese distros are for amateurs - that’s what i meant :rofl:

Or as you’d say:


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I mean if you have ran Deepin (the distro) then you have been running Chinese Linux ™. After all it is developed partly as a replacement for the average computer user in China so they will be able to offer an OS that isn’t developed in the US to it’s citizens and civilian authorities.


Is this part of their plan to limit gaming to one hour a day?


Oh I am sure if you have a lot of Social Points you can “buy” more hours.

(Funny tho, isn’t it… so many western game companies catering to the Chinese market, and then they do something like this… :joy:)

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Xi Jinping is now China’s version of Kim Jong Un, the biggest country in the world moving swiftly from standard oppressive communism to personality cult authoritarianism.

Scary stuff.

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China hasn’t been communistic since the 70s. They CLAIM to be, but they’re not. Your point stands, tho. Unfortunately.

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They identify as communist, so stop denying their lived experiences. Their experiences are more valid then your prejudices about what Platonic communism ought to be!


What is the correct pronoun for a communist?


Well, political single party communism combined with tightly state managed capitalism.

Although that is changing now too … billionaires are being scrubbed from Chinese history.

Xi Jing Un wants to corner that market too.



Again, strong self identification kicks in!


Let’s not go there, shall we.

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