Checkupdates fails with fakeroot 1.28

pacman-contrib’s checkupdates script is handy, returning the number of packages one has available if they were to do the usual -Syu update. This can be fed into status bars or other scripts as one needs, or just the CLI.

My system got a new fakeroot package, 1.28, last few days. My checkupgrade script breaks, returning:

==> ERROR: Cannot fetch updates

which comes from line 101 of the script.

NetNet: if you rely upon checkupdates to show in a status bar or other script the count of packages to apply, your count is off or wrong depending on your error logic.

Does anyone else have fakeroot 1.28 and can run checkupdates ?

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1.28-1 and checkupdates works here.

Works fine here.

Update your mirrors with the eos-welcome app. That will most likely help

Not me. checkupdates works fine with fakeroot 1.28-1 here.

Ok. Thanks all for checking. I’m trying to figure out why my laptop (works) and desktop (doesn’t work) are different based upon the error message in the script.

note: updated mirrorlist would not apply given the three big USA mirrors I directly pointed to with no success.

What happens if you run

sudo pacman -Syu 

After entering my root password, then:

:: Synchronizing package databases…
core is up to date
extra is up to date
community is up to date
multilib is up to date
endeavouros is up to date

Appears normal, obviously. I suspect my /var/lib/pacman/sync/* database to be broken.

What does checkupdates show? Post it here.

Edit: Please use code tags around what you post from the terminal.

$ checkupdates
==> ERROR: Cannot fetch updates

You may have other pacman operation like updating or update checking going on in your system, then it seems checkupdates could fail. If that’s the case, wait a bit and try again, it should work.

It’s likely been this way since Sunday, when I did my usual weekly -Syu and reboot.

I was wondering why my desktop count of new packages was low but the laptop count of new packages was within normal typical range.

low, because -Qum on yay or paru count what AUR updates are available.

I’m currently pondering doing a reboot.

If that fails, a -Syy action.

If that fails, a 'rm -f /var/lib/pacman/sync/* followed by a -Syu and a reboot

yay -Syyu

The normal update should be simply

A yay -Syy didn’t fix it.

A reboot didn’t fix it.

A yay -Syyu after that reboot DID fix it. Whatever it was.

Thanks for the tips and advice.

inxi -FAZ --no-host | eos-sendlog Please.

Not sure how a hardware/environment/system report will help on my issue, but sure.

Here’s an older one from a past recent issue. Only changes would be my kernel and latest mesa drivers given I’m up to date with my mirror.

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