Checking my Telegram installation

I’m not sure where to send my question, so I put it in newbie.

After many years of using Whatsapp, I decided to try Telegram.

The problem is the checking system the program used: instead of sending me an SMS I received a normal call, in English (I live in Brazil), telling the five numbers. Is that valid or usual? It finished installing alright.

A friend of mine warned me that that is not a normal procedure, and might be scam. The problem is I do not receive SMS messages, so I pressed on the Telegram’s button to use other ways to send me the five password numbers. My guess is it selected call, which came from the USA.

Where can I check over these install procedures?

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as far as i know usually you get SMS but you can verify also over telegram from another device if you are already registered, I read at the FAQ that telefon telling numbers is also there but it says only if you are using two factor validation.

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Maybe the wrong topic? Doesn’t seem to problem with EndeavourOS or Linux? Maybe lounge…:upside_down_face::upside_down_face:


i think “Newbie” is o.k. … we do use telegram as our main help chat also :wink:


Telegram does call you if you chose to not receive SMS. I haven’t used the service myself, but the call need not be from your country. In the past, I have received calls from different country if I choose call verification. Because the call can only be initiated from the country where they have some set up.

If you have a different device running Telegram on the same mobile number, then Telegram can send you a code as a text. You can see the text on Telegram installed on the other device and input it on your PC/laptop.

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