Checking if there are any hidden files or directories left over when you delete PlayonLinux from system

Trying to reinstall a Topaz AI photo program that I have working under playonlinux on another computer. Configurations and hardware are very similar, but it stopped working on one machine and thinking a complete reinstall might get it to work again on this one.

I have deleted the PlayonLinux app, and before I reinstall, wondering if there is anything left of it.

I think I found some documentation on this. But getting this software to work is black magic anyway…

I would recommend using Bottles.
You can find a guide here:

Method 1 should be fine. There are also youtube tutorials:

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Do you know if I can have playonlinux and bottles on the same machine? I did get an earlier version of Topaz Denoise working (version 3.03), and if there are no conflicts, I could see if bottles would let me run later versions of this software. Of course Topaz has not been forthcoming with what DLL’s are needed for all versions, a lot of trial and error by Linux people to get it to work.

Flatpak is a containerized application, this means it runs on any (linux) OS in it’s own virtual environment and because it has all it’s requirements bundled with it, it also means it won’t conflict with other apps on your system. One downside of flatpaks is they can be large. But if you just want something that works, flatpak is the way to go imo.

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