Charlie, a new EOS user

Hi community,
a few weeks ago I switched from Windows to EOS.
I have tested many distributions before like Ubuntu, CentOS, Linuxmint, MX-Linux and many others, but none of the other distributions meet my expectations like EOS.
It is running on my gaming-pc with wine and lutris perfectly with my favorite games World Of Tanks and WoW/Wotlk. I love the huge selection of software, even though installing it via the console takes some getting used to.
I started with DOS and Windows 3.11 30 years ago with an AMD K6-200 and have used every version of Windows since then. My favorite was Windows 8.1, fast and easy to administer.
Now I have switched from Windows 11 to EOS, the decisive factor was the announcement that “Recall” would be introduced without asking. The update policy was also awful, serious errors were sometimes only patched after a very long time.
Now I am at EOS, hope to stay with it and learn a lot from you.

My setup:
Intel I5-11400F
16 Gb DDR4-3600
Nvidia GTX1070

Many thanks to the administration, who quickly solved initial problems with my account here.

Sorry for my bad english, i sometimes have to use the google translator. My native language is german.


Hi, @Charlie_1963 - welcome at the purple side. Have fun with EOS, the forum and the EOS-community.

In case you don’t already know: there’s a German section in the forum, where you can get support in your native language:


Welcome to the forum @Charlie_1963 :enos_flag:


Welcome @Charlie_1963 to the :enos:-Forum! Enjoy the purple ride. Feel free to ask anything!

Im deutschen Unterforum kannst du jederzeit in deiner Muttersprache kommunizieren.

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Welcome @Charlie_1963 :wave:

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Welcome @Charlie_1963

Sounds a little like my past.


Welcome, @Charlie_1963! :enos_flag:



Hi @Charlie_1963 and welcome to the forum,

At least you have an excuse, english is my native language


Hello @Charlie_1963 and welcome to the Forum! :enos:


We had almost the same starting point when it came to using computers. My first operating system was also Windows 3.11 but with an older computer. It was a 386DX-40 with 4 MB Ram and a 178? MB hard disk. Oh yes, it also had a 5.25" and a 3.5" floppy disk drive. Unfortunately I can’t remember any more.

Good luck and also fun with using EndeavourOS! :enos_flag:


Wir hatten fast den gleichen Ausgangspunkt, was die Nutzung von Computern angeht. Mein erstes Betriebssystem war ebenfalls Windows 3.11, allerdings mit einem älteren Computer. Es war ein 386DX-40 mit 4 MB Ram und einer 178? MB Festplatte. Ach ja, er hatte auch ein 5,25"- und ein 3,5"-Diskettenlaufwerk. Leider kann ich mich nicht an mehr erinnern.

Viel Glück und auch Spaß bei der Nutzung von EndeavourOS! :enos:


The computer looked like this:


Thanks a lot for your warm welcome.
Since the gaming PC works very well, my next project will be a multimedia computer, probably with Kodi. I will definitely test EOS, at the moment I am running Ubuntu as a test, but EOS is more resource-efficient. It is only a celeron j1900, the interface reacts a bit sluggishly with Ubuntu Xfce.


Welcome! I hope you’ll enjoy EOS and the forums! :smile:

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Hi @Charlie_1963, welcome to the purple side of computing. And don’t forget to enjoy life. Even if EndeavourOS is great, there’s a lot to expierience outside the house.
:evergreen_tree: :bike: :deciduous_tree:


Welcome to the dark side @Charlie_1963 there’s no going back. :wave:

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hmm we read this very often. :man_shrugging: welcome to the purple side :enos:

Und ganz genau im deutschen Subforum bin ich auch zu finden