Changing size of trash

Hey guys,

i wanna ask you if it’s possible to increase the allowed size of trash. Need more than just 1 GB.


You can set this in the recycle bin settings. Where they are located also depends on your DE. In KDE (Dolphin) this would be at this point: Click on the hamburger menu right at the top of the Dolphin window

How do you get to this? I don’t see any hamburger menu.

Not recognizing? (three horizontal lines as ‘arrowed’) - or not seeing (it’s missing)?

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Both panels Dophin/Downloads? I don’t have any hamburger menu in Dolphin.

You should:

First open any window in Dolphin. Then click on the 3 horizontal lines in the upper right corner (hamburger menu). This opens a menu in which a little further down are the settings for Dolphin (second window).

OK, for some the darkmode is probably essential to recognize anything. For me it’s the other way around …

Sorry, overlap

Edit: I am running the kde unstable repo?

I am not aware that this hamburger thingy has been removed again. But that would be fine with me.

The hamburger menu only appears when “show menubar” is disabled.

That being said, everything in it should also be in the menubar somewhere.

Okay if i disable the menu i get it then.

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Then you go to Settings in the menu bar. Somewhere there will be the settings for the recycle bin.

It has a size limit but what sets the total size of it on install? Because you can’t change that i assume only a percentage of what the maximum size is set for.

Then you just increase this percentage until the desired GiB are fixed.


Thanks guys, especially @anon92247698.


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