Changes for the nvidia-installer-dkms package

Starting with version 3.3.6-1 of package nvidia-installer-dkms, a new tool nvidia-installer-check is included.

It can check which of the nvidia driver variants (nvidia-dkms or nvidia-390xx-dkms) supports your Nvidia graphics card.
It does that by

  • finding the card id of your GPU
  • downloading the latest information about supported card ids from the
  • comparing the data

Here are some examples of using the tool:

$ nvidia-installer-check 
Your graphics card (id 1dba) is supported by the nvidia-dkms driver.

$ nvidia-installer-check 
Your graphics card (id 06c4) is supported by the nvidia-390xx-dkms driver.
Use the --force option with nvidia-installer-dkms.
Then, BEFORE rebooting, install nvidia-390xx-dkms from the AUR, for example:
  yay -S nvidia-390xx-dkms

$ nvidia-installer-check 
Sorry, your Nvidia card (id: aaaa) is not supported by nvidia-dkms nor nvidia-390xx-dkms.

So in case when the card is not supported, you need to use another videocard ?

Bumblbee drivers i guess (i meant Nouveau)

Well, I have a Geforce 720 card, which is more than 5 years old, I think. so I am not surprised that card will not be supported anymore in the near future.

That’s not very old. One of my desktops has GeForce GTX 550 Ti which is almost 10 years old. Runs well on nvidia-390xx-dkms from the AUR.

Here is a topic about it:

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Well, there are AUR drivers which still work for much older cards :slight_smile:

Practically yes. Often you may use the nouveau driver, or the integrated Intel graphics.

If you have an older nvidia card, the nvidia-340xx-dkms might work, but as far as I know, you’d need to downgrade Xorg too.

What does nvidia-installer-check say about that?
It might be supported.

I can not say at the moment, the card is not in a computer right now, but will be again soon and then I can tell.

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It works and you don’t have to downgrade Xorg, it still works with the current version.

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At least GeForce GT 720 is in the list of supported cards at Nvidia. But to know for sure, we need the exact card id, which you get with the nvidia-installer-check, or with command

  lspci -vnn | grep -P 'VGA|Display'

Just updated my main desktop. No issues found, yet!

Running NVIDIA Driver version 450.57 on Asus GeForce GT710 2GB

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All good around here too! (GeForce GTX 1650oc)
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