Change Web Page Alignment (Globally and/or Domain)

I use Vivaldi Browser, which can use chrome extension.

I would like to change web pages from center alignment to a left alignment.

I frequently multi-task and watch videos that pop up over other programs on the right-hand side of the screen.

I’m not comfortable with CSS scripts and was wondering if anyone knows of a way to automate this process globally or per domain? Something compatible between Linux and Windows would be a plus, but not necessary as I mostly use Linux.

You can create user CSS and apply with something like Stylus:


This is available for chrome, I’ll give it a run, thank you for the suggestion.

Well, looks like I have no choice but to learn CSS coding.

At least I’m learning, I was trying to be lazy :rofl:

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Wow, this is a page where you can download custom CSS styles for Stylus, as well as other tools that can use CSS, and it looks amazing just looking at the home page. I think you introduced a new hobby :joy:


@keybreak You’re right. I’m the :rabbit2: and I just found a :hole:


Is there a reason why I don’t have Nyan Cat as my progress bar on YouTube?


Not a single one! :star_struck:

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Unfortunately Stylish website is timing out a lot today. Hopefully it will be better later on.