Change systems icon

Hello everyone!

As the title says, i want to change some icons that can’t change because the icon theme I’m using doesn’t have the Endeavouros icons on it, so i created them. Thing is that I’m not sure how i can make it, i want to change their icons on the panel and on the plank dock.
The icons i want to change are these:
Configure EOS Update Notifier
EndeavourOS log tool
Reflector Simple

Here screenshots about what I’m referring to
and here on the plank dock

And here the icons i made for my icons theme (btw, what do you think of them:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:?):

Please, if someone could guide me.

afaik all EndeavourOS apps using the same icon from /usr/share/endeavouros/ directory…


oks, i understood. But i think this is not a problem of just rename the icon i want and then delete that from the directory =(.
Is not about going directly to the Welcome app, akm app, looking for a file and then make them use my icon?

Thanks for your answer by the way =).

Hi all!

I could manage to change them. All i have to do is moved my custom icons to the directory said by joekamprad, and then looking for those application on the root folder which is:

Finally just change the icons. To be honest i thought it would be more difficult as i thought those apps weren’t apps itself (with is own localizable icons, .desktop files en everything)


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