Change eos-update-notifier to use a notification daemon


Is it possible to change eos-update-notifier to use a notification daemon (maybe through notify-send) instead of a pop up box? It’s incredibly annoying to have a window suddenly spawn out of nowhere demanding my attention, especially for tiling window manager users like me.

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Mayby a feature request to @manuel

but is designed to use its box basicly. Mayby if a setting introduced in notifier to use notify-send , minor is you are not able to update… or just pacman -Syu in terminal or a *.desktop file that says update system?

how currently worked is designed this way it that sense it does not change, mayby a option that does notify-send in the future .;

A setting would work just fine :slight_smile:

Is it open source by any chance? I could look into sending a PR.

Welcome at the Forum, and thank you for the feedback! i am a i3 user too and i do configure it to open the popup not tiled (it is floating here) but i would love to use notification-daemon here too and it seems possible to have a click on action on the notification window on some notification implementations…

Hi guys,
I’m just in the process of adding a tray icon to notify about updates into eos-update-notifier.
The notification method (tray icon or the “traditional” small window) can be configured.
Currently the tray icon basically works, but there are some issues still to be solved.
So the tray icon is currently an experimental feature.

I’ll release it hopefully within 20 minutes, so you can check it!

Please look at the configuration file /etc/eos-update-notifier.conf (or its .pacnew) about the tray icon usage.

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I don’t understand what you mean by the tray icon, I already downloaded it by Welcome and I saw the file /etc/eos-update-notifier.conf but I don’t understand what to do there …?

[judd@judd-pc ~]$ cat /etc/eos-update-notifier.conf
### eos-update-notifier configuration file

## Check also updates from AUR:
CheckAurUpdates=yes          # yes or no

## Check also Arch news for you:
CheckArchNewsForYou=yes      # yes or no

## Alternative programs for showing the Arch news. Select one.
## Note: 'arch-news-for-you' uses an ad hoc way to determine if the news are
##       relevant to your machine. This mostly works well, but not always.
##       The 'eos-arch-news' shows news based on the date and shows only news
##       that are not yet shown.
## This option was added in eos-update-notifier version 0.9-1.
ArchNewsProg=eos-arch-news    # values: 'eos-arch-news' or 'arch-news-for-you'

## Prefer tray notification or small window for nofitying about updates?
## NOTE: if clicking the tray notification icon launches also the next panel item,
## a workaround is either to
##  - re-organize panel's notification area icons so that 'Yad' is not the first (uppermost), or
##  - add an empty launcher right next to the tray notification icon.
ShowHowAboutUpdates=tray     # value: tray or window

## What info to show about pending updates ("number of updates" or "package names");
## applies only when 'ShowHowAboutUpdates' is set to 'window':
ShowWhatAboutUpdates=number  # values: 'number' or 'packages'

A tray icon works, but I’d personally prefer a notification through a notification daemon. I’m not really a fan of having an icon sitting there to fulfill a purpose it’s not really meant to do

I meant two things:

  1. There’s a new configuration ShowHowAboutUpdates and it is configured as tray, meaning the new tray icon is used. The older way is to use that small window.
  2. Clicking the new tray icon may cause something unwanted too. There’s a workaround explained in the config file.

And if you want to keep the older way, then ShowHowAboutUpdates needs to be set to window.

Note: the .pacnew file is the latest default config file. You should copy that file over the old config file, but check first that the values suit you.

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I might look into that too in the near future, but for now can’t promise any time table for it.


OK very kind :slight_smile:

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No problem! I asked earlier if the project is open source, as I wouldn’t mind patching that in myself if possible. Is it the case?

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just installed…nice step in the direction :slight_smile: kudos…

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you can find all sources at github:

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very decent :slight_smile:

notify-send is simple to use… but click action is not that easy …

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Yes, it is open source.

Anyway, I just released new version 0.9.7-1. It now has this notify option (enabled by default in the new configuration file).

There are some new configuration values for informing user about updates in file /etc/eos-update-notifier.conf. Please check the new .pacnew file.


i see that notify-send ave no click action option at all but there are others:

 -d, --default-action=COMMAND      Specifies the default action which is usually invoked by clicking the notification.
  -l, --close-action=COMMAND        Specifies the action invoked when notification is closed.

but it would need to install this per default and may not work on all DE’s … or include the sh into the code…
Too much to take care on… would be better to find a way to have this working with default notify-send …

i dont know the icons on panel can identify right click or left click.

i think it would be simpler, if you set on right click like using this :slight_smile:

notify-send -a “$(checkupdates)”

and if possible then left, as now, going to update.

when it notify is currently good, not to much clutter.

If you set this variable in /etc/eos-update-notifier.conf:


is that what you mean?

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thats perfect, i was thinking about starting update by clicking on the notification also… but like this it is working also… and do not need to much coding :wink:

this is still sowing a window… but it would not show anyway usually… only on manual running it…