Certain Recurring Scaling, Font, and Theme Issues


Just installed EndevourOS yesterday, and with a little help from an unofficial Discord channel, I got most of the apps I use on a day-to-day basis up and running just fine. However, there seem to be a few recurring issues that I am unsure where to find answers pertinent to an EndevourOS XFCE Desktop environment.

My application windows have a thin bar at the top that tends to squeeze Window title fonts in a certain way. When I attempt to change font sizes using the Window Manager application, the fonts will indeed become large, but will also get squeezed halfway or completely out of view to the end user, which is an inconvenience that I wish to resolve. Related to this issue is the fact that my maximize, minimize, and fullscreen window buttons (by default on the top left) are tiny on my dual 4K monitor setup. Attempts to change scaling elements in the Display application and by using font DPI settings have been unsuccessful. Attempting to use difference themes in Window Manager > Style > Theme have also seemingly not resolved my issues that I am referring to. I want to be able to see where I am clicking. I have not yet tried any accessibility settings, but I did not see anything that would help me in those settings upon initial glance.

What can I do to resolve these issues? I am comfortable enough with the terminal and with the basic Linux commands such as cd, ls, sudo, and so on. I came to this distro because Manjaro, as easy as it was in theory to set up, failed me with its lightdm settings, its failure to include AX210NGW drivers upon installation of a new kernel, and its failure to resolve my SoundBlaster X AE-5 driver issues (this last one is also happening on Endevour as well, but I will make a separate post about that). I am considering switching to the Budgie desktop environment on EndevourOS, however, as I do like my desktop icons and files and the various theme customizations that come with Budgie.



Some screenshots will help us understand the issue more clearly. :slightly_smiling_face:

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