CERN discoveres three new exotic particles


Well hello there mr. Particle!


CERN you say…


I’m not happy about this. It’s just another confirmation of the validity of the Standard Model. I’ve been hoping for decades (ever since I learnt it, really) that some new experimental discovery would crush it. It’s an ugly theory, with too many empirical parameters. But it seems to survive every attempt to disprove it.

Modern physics is so boring. I’d like to see a discovery that will lead to new insights, new theories, new physics. But no, every experiment says the same thing: the old, boring stuff seems to be correct.


Not always!


Not always, but almost…

We’ll see whether anything comes from that.

I also somewhat agree with you. All the methodologies of solving numericals involves same principles more or less.

Though performing those experiments which leads to their discovery is interesting(as I had never performed anything similar).

The interesting discovery should be of Gravitons.

Classical gravitaional waves have already been discovered, so gravitons are almost certainly going to be boring as well. Spin 2, massless, completely Standard Model-compliant :yawning_face:

I’d like to see some supersymmetry, stuff like that…

Yeah, I’m curious also. I’m not a huge fan of the Big Bang Theory (the theory, not the show!).

Yes, I am aware of it. Also I feel analogy by which graviton should define gravitational field should match with that of electromagnetism.

Hence, there should be some Maxwell equations as well.

Yeah, it’s called Einstein field equation.

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